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Perfect Girl Evolution (The Wallflower)

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Bare with me, this review was written in 2006
For lovers of the ongoing shoujo manga, “The Wallflower” by Tomoko Hayakawa–an anime is now currently airing in Japan under the title of Yamato Nadeshiko. The Wallflower has quite a number of alternative titles , it’s called “My Fair Lady” in Singapore and is also known as  ”Perfect Girl Evolution” and “Sunako of Many Forms”. The ongoing anime series however is called Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (Perfect Girl Evolution) but the title itself is quite a mouthful so I’ll be using Wallflower instead.
The Wallflower opens with a love confession from what seems to be a pretty girl, however, the boy she likes tells her that he hates ugly girls and from then on, Sunako Nakahara becomes a creature of darkness and develops extremely low self-esteem. She becomes fascinated with the blood and gore and keeps a collection of horror movies which she watches in her unlighted room much to the terror of her four male housemates. She also gets severe nosebleeds in the presence of beautiful people which makes it a torture for her to have to live with the four boys.
Fast forward to the present and four gorgeous men find themselves with Sunako’s aunt who offers to lent them stay in her mansion for free if they turn her niece into a “lady”. Confident about the challenge, little did Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Yukinojo Toyama and Yanmaru Morii realize that the girl in question had absolutely no intentions of changing or ever going near them for that matter.
Reverse harem fans rejoice! Here’s another great addition to a roster of bishies! The art is somewhat similar to Paradise Kiss but I have to say Sunako looks a lot like X 1999’s Kishuu Arashi. The male lead, Kyouhei is also quite gallant to ladies and is blond like Suoh Tamaki of OHSHC.
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