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Perfect Girl Evolution (The Wallflower)

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Sunako Nakahara

The Dark Side

The Many Stages Of Sunako

The female lead, Sunako is a very complex girl. Being a lover of solitude, gore movies, anatomical dolls and objects that reflect the ugly side of life as she puts it. Sunako has locked herself away in a world of solitude due to a traumatic experience with her first love. Making her have very low self-esteem. She is often referred to as Ghost girl or Scary girl due to her dark presence. Often light bulbs will go out and a cold atmosphere will be present. She has a habit of getting nosebleeds when ever she is around beautiful creatures as she names them, making it hard for her to interact with the other characters. She has especially mixed feelings about Kyouhei and as the storyline progresses their relationship becomes more solid and intimate.


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